"Our website has played a key role in the success of Shiloh Christian Football and in gaining national recognition for our football program and our college prospects. It provides instant access to an incredible amount of relevant information about the program. We constantly use it to provide information and videos to sponsors, parents, college coaches, promoters, television networks, and other media outlets. Fans and coaches from other teams often comment that is the best they have ever seen."

- Jeff Dangeau, President, Shiloh Christian Sports Club (www.ShilohChristianFootball.com)
"Elite Edge has given us a website that we are proud to have as the face of our program. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and our site is often what people see first. We are proud to work with such a talented design group."

- Loren Montgomery, Head Coach, Bixby Spartans (Oklahoma) (BixbySpartanFootball.com)
I wanted to thank you and your design team for the extraordinary efforts to deliver a world-class website experience for Prince of Peace football website. As you know, we sit in the heart of Dallas, and commonly compete with over 50 other local private high schools for students and players. Having something that helps us stand-out from the crowd, will enable us to attract new students and athletes, and hopefully accelerate our growth to a perennial winner and state championship contender.

Your process made our life simple, as all we had to do was supply you with some background information on our team, and you created a unique and powerful website for the Eagle Program. In the first week of our launch, we had over 1,000 hits to the website, and that is extraordinary for a school that has 1,000 students in the entire K-12 program. Not only are the players, coaches and parents thrilled with the new website and content, but the rest of the school is buzzing about how "Prince of Peace football is now leading-edge!

Further, you have given us some great guidance, marketing ideas, and direction on how we can grow the profile of our program and increase the sponsorship we can enjoy. We look forward to continuing to work with you, knowing that our prospective students will clearly see a difference in being part of Prince of Peace football.

- Tom Moore, President, POPCS Quarterback Club (Texas) (www.POPCSFootball.org)
When we began researching this film, one of the first team websites we came across was Arkansas's Shiloh Christian Saints. Our jaws dropped -- I can't imagine even the famed Dillon Panthers of Friday Night Lights, with their unstoppable boosterism, would've engineered a website quite like the Saints'.

Immediately, we had a strong sense that our instincts were right: high school football really has become a whole new game.

- Caitlin McNally, Producer, PBS Frontlines Documentary 'Football High'
The Saints are definitely rock stars around Springdale as shown in their glitzy and highly professional video montages displayed on their extravagant team website, ShilohChristianFootball.com .

- Mitch Stevens, MaxPreps.com National Writer
"Elite Edge has done a great job on our web site and end of the season highlight video. They are a great company to work with and have gone above and beyond to help our program move forward. They understand football and what it takes to make your program a stronger team and brand. Elite Edge is a professional group that does what they say they are going to do and has done nothing but been an integral part of our continuing success."

- Brad Helm, Head Coach, Arkansas Baptist Eagles (Arkansas) (www.ArkansasBaptistFootball.com)
"I highly recommend Elite Edge if you want to take your program to the next level. The excitement and promotion that they can build is incredible. I'd put my website chcafootball.com up against any in the state of Ohio. There is an immediate sense of credibility and prestige about CHCA Football when someone visits my site. Also, being a private school the site does a terrific job promoting the program for potential students and their families when deciding where their child will attend."

- Eric Taylor, Head Coach, CHCA Eagles (Ohio)