Elite Edge will create a well executed highlight video to ensure that each season gone by never dies in the memory of those who enjoyed the experience. Every electrifying play and every heart stopping moment captured in film and enhanced with modern technology for maximum excitement.

These videos are a must have for the archives of any high school to ensure that the tradition and history of the program is never forgotten. They also make great gifts for friends and family who have not had the opportunity to see the team play. Most importantly, they ensure that each individual player will forever carry the memory of what was one of the most exciting times of their lives.

Our goal is to take your program to the next level through multiple avenues, these highlight videos are another step in helping you make your vision a reality today!
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Week by Week Highlights
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Hundreds of Special Effects Availiable
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Shiloh Christian 2010 Season Compilation
Shiloh Christian 2010 State Championship Game
Bentonville 2010 Season Compilation
GCT 2010 Season Compilation
Our promotional videos are second to none in high school athletics. There is nothing like a professionally produced video to get your fans excited about your program. This is a process of idea creation, storyboarding the video, shooting the video, and editing it. When the final product is in your hands it will be something that has people excited and ready to be a part of what you are doing. There are many different types of promotional videos; Game Day Intro Videos, Team Motivational Videos, Sponsorship Sales Videos and much more.
Shiloh Christian 2010 Game Day Intro
Stillwater 2011 Team Motivational (Hiring of Tucker Barnard)
GCT 2008 Team Motivational (Hiring of Jeff Conaway)
Shiloh Christian 2009 Game Day Intro
Shiloh Christian 20th Anniversary Tribute